Public Meetings

January 2020 – Golden Lion Planning Application

Residents are encouraged to submit their own comments on the planning application to CWaC using the online planning portal.  Instructions on how to do this are in the presentation below. Comments should be received by CWaC before 5th February 2020.

Also, if you were unable to make the meeting but still wish to make your views known to the Parish Council please email the clerk before 5th February 2020.

Minutes of the Meeting

December 2021 – Gigaloch Community Broadband Public Information Meeting

September 2023 – Flood Resilience Public Information Meeting

Flood Hub will be running a community meeting for all residents on 19th September at 7:30pm in the school hall.

If you want to find out more about how to protect your home from possible flooding, or you have any flooding related questions that you would like answering please do come along.

Andy has provided the following information which you may find helpful: “The Newground flood team and I deliver a programme of community flood resilience and support on behalf of the North West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (NW RFCC), helping individuals, businesses and communities to improve their resilience to flooding and to better plan and prepare for flood events. We also offer advice, support and guidance to those at risk of flooding to help them lessen the impact of an event, protect their property and possessions, develop flood plans and access affordable flood insurance for those who may be facing high premiums or excesses.”