Meeting Dates

The Parish Council normally holds its meetings on the evening of the SECOND Monday of each month except in August, when there is no meeting.

The meetings take place in the Parish Rooms, West End, Ashton Hayes and start at 7:15pm unless otherwise notified in the agenda.

The meetings for 2024 are:

Monday 8th January 2024
Monday 12th February 2024
Monday 11th March 2024 with Parish Meeting at 6.00pm
Monday 8th April 2024
Monday 13th May 2024 – Annual (First Meeting)
Monday 10th June 2024 
Monday 8th July 2024
Monday 9th September 2024
Monday 14th October 2024
Monday 11th November 2024
Monday 9th December 2024

The meetings for 2025 are:

Monday 13th January 2025
Monday 10th February 2025
Monday 10th March 2025 with Parish Meeting at 6.00pm
Monday 14th April 2025
Monday 12th May 2025 – Annual (First Meeting)

Public speaking time is usually provided towards the start of the meeting.