About Us

Ashton Hayes Parish Council is a democratically elected body of councillors that takes an oversight on the affairs of our community and which aims to act in the best interest of residents and local people.

Like all Parish Councils, we have the power to precept (tax) residents in order to support our operations and carry out local projects. Although there is no limit to the amount that can be precepted, the money we raise can only be used for a limited number of purposes, defined in the 1894 Local Government Act. For example, we are responsible for the provision of such facilities as The Parish Rooms, children’s play area, and have a duty to care for our environment, comment on Planning Proposals and encourage the production of the Parish And Neighbourhood plans.

The current members of the council are as follows:

Dossett Ian
Ian Dossett
Email: ian@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Tel: 01829 752454
Deputy Chairs:
Photo of Jane Colville
Jane Colville
Email: jane@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Tel: 01829 752607
Paul Varey
Email: paul@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Tel: 01829 759472
Barbara Craven
Email: barbara@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Richard Kinsey
Email: richard@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Peter Mitchell
Email: peter@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
David Rounthwaite
Email: davidr@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Susie Strachan
Email: susie@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Parish Clerk:
Trudy Ryall-Harvey
Email: clerk@ashtonhayespc.co.uk
Tel: 07784 486 767