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Information for Participants – July 2020

Thank you for supporting this event by registering to create a scarecrow display. This document has been created to give you all the information you need to take part. Please read it carefully so that you understand what you need to do, by when and also how the process will work.

You can download a pdf version of this page here :

This Year’s Theme

“Children’s Literary Characters”

Important Dates

  • All completed registrations were received by the end of Sunday 31st May 2020.
  • All displays must be complete and on show by the end of Sunday 5th July 2020.
  • Final judging decisions will take place on Saturday 11th July 2020, with winners announced that evening.
  • Displays can remain on show but must be removed by Friday 31st July 2020.

Next Steps

Between now and 5th July you need to:

  • Design and build your display
  • Finalise your display name
  • Write your bio (max. 100 words) to give some background information on your display for both the public and the judges.  An example is provided to help you get started:

“Paddington is on a tour of the UK; a marmalade tour. He set out on this epic journey with hopes of finding the best pot of marmalade ever. He couldn’t head South without stopping at the Colville’s house and trying Jane’s infamous marmalade on one of his sandwiches. If you too would like to give it a try, help yourself to a little pot and place £1 in the box. All money raised will go to Paddington’s charity of choice, the Samaritans.”

  • By the end of Sunday 28th June, enter the final display name and the bio text into the online form you have been emailed a link to.

What will happen from 5th July onwards?

The organisers will visit each display on the 5th July to add a laminated display number and take a photograph.  The photographs will be uploaded to the website so that people who are unable to visit your display in person can still enjoy it!

The judges will visit displays at times convenient to them between 5th and 11th July, recording their scores and comments.

Free Straw Available to Participants

Free straw is kindly being offered to participants by Richard Kinsey. We realise that not everyone will be using this material, but if you are in need of some for your display please notify us using the email address and we will be able to provide you with more details.

Judging Categories

There are 5 categories/criteria that all displays will be judged against: 

  1. Best Interpretation of the theme
  2. Most imaginative display
  3. Highest craftsmanship shown
  4. Best use of reusable and recycled materials
  5. Most visual Impact overall

The judges will be looking for displays that exemplify the criteria. When designing and constructing your display please try and take the criteria into account to maximise your chance of achieving the best possible result.

There will be a winner in each of the 5 categories selected by the judging panel. In addition there will also be a public vote to decide the people’s choice winner.

There will also be a Champion of Champions winner decided by the judging panel from the winners of the 6 categories above. The Champion of Champions will be presented with the trophy to keep for a year.

All winners will receive prizes.

Judging Process

The judging process has been designed to make it as fair and equitable a process as possible.  We have looked at the methods used in other scarecrow trails to assist us. The following process has been designed so that no single judge can have a major effect on the final outcome.

The following process will apply:

  • No judge will be allowed to judge their own display.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • Judges are not allowed to discuss their scores or thoughts on the displays with anyone outside the judging panel.
  • Individual judges will judge a single criteria.
  • There will be more than 1 judge for each criteria.
  • Judges will be provided with personalised judging forms to complete and these will be returned to the organisers.
  • The public vote will be available from 5th July and will close at 12 noon on 11th July.
  • On 11th July a Zoom meeting will take place involving all the judges and the organisers to look at the collated scores and decide the final placements.
  • Winners will be notified by email or telephone on the evening of 11th July.
  • Every participant will receive a personalised certificate, which will be emailed to them.

The Judging Panel

The judging panel is made up of the following confirmed people:

  • Ian Dossett (Ashton Hayes Parish Council)
  • Ian Walton (Manley Parish Council)
  • Allen Lowry (Mouldsworth Parish Council)
  • Emily Meara (St. John’s Rose Queen)
  • Elaine Farrall (Bridging the Gap Group)
  • Deb Deynem (Community Shop)
  • Jack Sheppard (Ashton House Nursery)
  • Jon Gilbert (Ashton Primary School)
  • Wendy Edwards (Manley Primary School)
  • Alan Reay or Duncan Fullerton (Ashton Scouts)

The following people are operating as the organisers on behalf of the Bridging the Gap initiative and the parish councils.  They do not have any voting rights but will be facilitating the process:

  • Lauren Colville
  • Paul Varey

The Prizes

We must give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated a prize, including the three parish councils, Farralls and the Community Shop.

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • Champion of Champions – The scarecrow trail trophy to keep for a year plus a special prize
  • The winner of the 6 individual categories will each receive a prize of £25

How to contact us

If you have any problems or questions you can contact us at