Scarecrow Trail – 2020 Entries

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This page contains a full list of all the amazing entries for this year’s trail. There is so much imagination and creativity around. Enjoy!

To vote for your favourite use the link above.

This Google Map of the locations will help you find the displays and plan your route(s) around them all.

If you have any issues with the Google Map or you prefer a more traditional way of navigating around the displays you can also download the trail guide. (Missing entry numbers are due to people withdrawing too late to reorganise things)

When visiting the displays it is worth noting that quite a lot of them have very intricate elements that will require close scrutiny on foot to get the most from the visit.

Entry 1

No Job too Tall: Phil Truck and Bob Stackers Lockdown Adventures

Engines revving, people chatting, the yard has come alive. Bob Stacker’s busy loading trucks as the clock strikes five past five “Load me up” said Phil Truck, “I have to be on time”. “I’ve got PPE and important supplies for our NHS frontline”. Phil sets off down the road, singing as he goes. Climbing up Kelsall Hill, Oh how the sunshine glows. After a successful day that has been non-stop Phil sets off to deliver his last drop. Working as a key worker during this difficult time has been both challenging and rewarding, supporting the frontline.

Entry 2


Cinderella is ready for the ball thanks to her Fairy Godmother . She has a beautiful dress and a lovely Tiara . The pumpkins and mice. have been turned into a wonderful coach and horses . There is just one problem the coach would look much nicer coloured in . Could you help Cinderella to make her coach look very colourful with the crayons she has left for you . Thank you my friends.

Entry 3

Verity Cooney

It’s a secret.

Entry 4

Clown by Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake’s toy Clown has come to Ashton Hayes and decided to stay with Henry and Liz because he loved Henry’s card tricks so much. He’s been going round Ashton finding old toys that have been thrown away in Covid 19 clear outs and finding them new homes.

Entry 5

Finders Keepers Losers Seekers 

Join the rest of the spectators, who are on the edge of their seats watching the quidditch match, as the Gryffindor seeker, Harry Potter, is trying to catch the Golden Snitch. Watch out for the Bludgers! 

Entry 6

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A small caterpillar came along the Whitegate Lane footpath feeling very hungry. He noticed some lush long grass outside Whitegate Farm. There was a low wall covered in moss and lichen, also very yummy to caterpillars, so he climbed up, ate his fill and relaxed.   Having had the good fortune to find this abundant source of fresh green food he decided to stay. He just ate and ate all day, sunbathed on the wall, took very little exercise and grew longer and longer and fatter and fatter until he could not move!

Entry 7

“So shines a good deed in a weary world”, Roald Dahl

Join Roald Dahl characters Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket in Whitegate Lane and see their  famous display of Wonka bars. Donations from Wonka bars to go to the British Heart  Foundation.

Entry 8

Dorothy and Toto

Dorothy and her dog Toto were whisked away in a tornado to the magical village of Ashton Hayes. Thankfully they landed at the ‘Wright’ house in Peel Hall Lane. Dorothy has heard about the Scarecrow Trail and plans to free any scarecrows, tin men and lions, so if any go missing you’ll know where to find them! The children at 30 Peel Hall Lane, Bronwyn and Rhian, have made a rainbow to guide Dorothy home. Before Dorothy goes, she would love to meet you.

Entry 9

A classic tale 

It’s a secret.

Entry 10

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar has nibbled its way into the hearts of millions of children all over the world. It has been translated into 62 languages and sold over 41 million copies since it was first published in 1969, and is one of the top 10 bestselling children’s books of all time. Hope you’re ready for a snack!

Entry 11

Bill and Ben the Flower pot Men

The Flower Pot Men was the story of Bill and Ben, two little men made of flower pots who lived at the bottom of an English garden.

Entry 12

Pepper Pig

A loud and energetic piggy who is easily excited,  lives with little Brother George and mummy and Daddy Pig

Entry 13

The Wicked Witch of the West

The Wicked Witch of the West is visiting my house because two of her friends live in my kitchen.  One is Petunia, a Pendle witch and the other is Francine, a French witch from the Dordogne. At night, when I have gone to bed they all get together for a witches brew and a good natter about the latest in spells and broomsticks.

Entry 14

Stuck in the family tree

Stick man is tired, Stick man is sad, Stick man would like a break from his family who are driving him mad. Stick man is dreaming of a secluded retreat, To drink ginger beer and not share his sweets. The months are passing by…one…two…and now three But he is still here stuck in the family tree

Entry 15

Peppa Pig

It had been a very wet day in Ashton Hayes, but finally the rain had stopped! Mummy pig told Peppa pig that she could go outside, as long as she put her wellies and raincoat on. George was not allowed to play out today as he had a temperature! Peppa was excited to play out – she loved nothing more than splashing in muddy puddles! As she was jumping up and down, she noticed a set of green eyes in the bushes – as she looked closer she realised it was a ‘very hungry caterpillar‘ eating daddy pigs plants!

Entry 16

I’ve arrived from Peru, guess who?

It’s a secret.

Entry 17

Iggety, ziggety, zaggety, ZOOM!

The witch had a cat and a very tall hat, and long ginger hair which she wore in a plait. How the cat purred and how the witch grinned, as they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind…

Entry 18

Snow White and friends

After dinner it was time for some fun. The dwarves played their musical instruments but had to keep Social  Distancing. Dopey climbed on Sneezy’s shoulders and covered them with a long coat, so now he was as tall as Snow White and better able to dance with her. The party went on!

Entry 19

Wise words from a little bear

Somewhere on the edge of the Hundred Acre Wood a little bear stood under a tree.  This bear of very little brain was thinking in the most thoughtful way he could. Look in the tree for his simple yet thoughtful phrases.

Entry 20

A Surprise!

It’s a secret.

Entry 21

Misbehaving Minions

What to do after a long, hard day of servile wickedness? For these little yellow pills of goggle-eyed zaniness, it’s time to kick off the heels, crack open a beer and dream of becoming a minionaire. They can relax at the Golden Gru, where the master is the minion, serving bottles of yellow peril to pint-sized regulars. Kan pai! No minions were harmed in the making of this display. All items were reclaimed from soup pots, water containers and sheep wool . A special thanks to Grandad, now missing part of his yellow garden hose. Note: From Lucy Rosen’s books.

Entry 22

Gangsta Granny-crow

Anyone who thinks that all grannies do is wear mauve, play Scrabble and smell of cabbage Is wrong! This granny is not like any other.. She is the most (extra) ordinary granny in the world. She’s boring beyond belief: mauve dresses, Scrabble games, cabbage soup… Except that she’s not really. She was once a top jewel thief. And all her life, she’s been plotting to steal the crown jewels. Come join this gansta granny on the run!

Entry 23

Stick Man

Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three.

Entry 24

The Mr Men

Whatever your mood, whatever your attitude, there is a Mr Man or Little Miss to match. From Mr Strong, to Mr Messy everyone has a story to tell and each one shares an important message about how our actions effect others. Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men are stories that span the generations, these however are made from recycled and reused paper and will not have the same enduring qualities! The children of Ashton Hayes Primary School have loved reading the stories and creating the characters.

Entry 25

Paddington Bear’s big adventure

With a love of adventure Paddington who arrived in England from darkest Peru as a stowaway now found himself boarding a train at Paddington station, which was to take him to the northwest. On leaving the train at Mouldsworth station he followed the path which led him to the hamlet of Ashton Hayes.  He ventured into the playground and orchard, sat down to eat his favourite food a Marmalade sandwich. On looking up he realised he was sitting under a Marmalade tree. “This is a special place he said” ‘Marmalade is very expensive in Peru’.

Entry 26


Stick man, Stick man, where have you landed?
Stick man, Stick man, do you feel stranded?
Stick man, Stick man, don’t worry a jot,
The Ashton folk are a friendly lot!

Entry 27

Cat in The Hat  on the mat

“Unless someone like you cares  a whole awful lot nothing’s going to get better IT’S NOT “. Dr Seuss So Adrian and Pat used their recycled tat to make a home for the Cat in the Hat. He retreated to Ashton away from Covid-19 and ended up here with Thing 1 and Thing 2 with him inbetween. If you like what we’ve done and have any change we will pass it on to a wonderful cause “Claire House Childrens Hospice” without even a pause.

Entry 28

Room on the broom

It’s a secret.

Entry 29

The land of never ever

Come on a journey with us, to a land that’s thoughtful and kind. Lets focus on the simple things, Leave all the bad stuff behind. A land where we stand on our doorsteps, Where we clap and smile and talk, Where we’re never ever wasteful, And instead of driving, we just walk. In the land of never ever, We’re never far apart. We’ll remember all the things we’ve learned, And will always have a heart.

Entry 30

Scarry Potter and the Goblet of Straw

Scarry Potter has landed in a front garden in Ashton Hayes to take a break from Quidditch training. Scarry was relieved when Griffindor proposed a trip away for some secret training as it meant he could have a break from seeing his least favourite student Dracrow Malfoy. However whilst Scarry was enjoying some sweets from Honeydukes sweet shop, Albus Dumblestraw suddenly appeared beside him in the front garden. An urgent meeting is now taking place between them to discuss the dreaded Lord Voldecorn’s return……..

Entry 31

Mr Men Moving In!

Meet our friends, Mr Strong, Mr Grumpy & Mr Small. The new residents of 3 Old Hall Court.

Entry 32

The (not so) Fantastic Mr Fox

The (not so) Fantastic Mr Fox just “felt” he had to come up from Shay Lane to have a quick look at the allotments with his pilfered provisions and it seems one of his cubs has followed him but is hiding in the bushes.  (He’s a dyed-in-the-(sheep’s)-wool serial opportunist).  Let’s hope he can scare the crows from the allotments.

Entry 33

Pooh Bear is searching for Honey

When you arrive at the Hundred Acre Wood you will see Pooh Bear searching for Honey to have for his tea. Bear’s love Honey. You too will be able to find Honey. Pooh Bear’s limited edition local Honey will be yours for a donation of £2 a jar. Pooh will send all the money to The Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Entry 34

The Meara Family Tree

Stick Man’ was written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. In it, Stick Man becomes separated from the rest of his family whilst out for a run. He is mistaken for a simple stick and used in all manner of ways before being rescued and returned home. Following on from his previous traumatic experiences (and recent Government restrictions), this year Stick Man and his family have been enjoying some quality time together in the safety of the Family Tree. (The Stick family have been made from salvaged drain pipes, copper, sticks and packaging, together with scap material.)

Entry 35

The Adventures of Paddington

Paddington is on a tour of the UK; a marmalade tour. He set out on this epic journey with hopes of finding the best pot of marmalade ever. He couldn’t head south without stopping at the Colville’s house and trying Jane’s infamous marmalade on one of his sandwiches. If you too would like to give it a try, help yourself to a little pot and place £1 in the box. All money raised will go to Paddington’s charity of choice, the Samaritans.

Entry 36

Mr McGregor’s Garden

This is a PRIVATE garden. No entry to humans or rabbits; especially rabbits! My name is Mr McGregor and I urgently need your help. I have a vermin problem. They are helping themselves to all of my home grown vegetables; my cauliflowers, lettuce and carrots. If you spot a rabbit with a blue jacket and no pants you must tell me immediately. He is the ring leader and must be stopped.

Entry 37

Churches View Scarecrow Wedding

Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay celebrate their wedding at Churches View Farm.  They have searched the farm high and low for everything they need to make it the best wedding ever.  We hope you’ll agree with Betty’s dress of white feathers, her necklace of shells and lots of pink flowers she looks a beautiful blushing bride.  Help them to celebrate the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet, the wedding that no-one will ever forget.

Entry 38

Mr Happy

Mr Happy is the happiest person in all the land. He always has a large grin on his face and will try to cheer anyone up who is feeling sad. Mr Happy invites you to take one of his stickers so you can be happy like him.

Entry 39

Noddy Does Lockdown 2020

Why am I here, miles away from Toy Town?  Well, it’s like this – I was visiting a friend who lives in a tree-house in Delamere Forest, when my car broke down.  It wouldn’t start, so this lady said that I could stay.  The next morning, I was told that I couldn’t leave, as we were in lockdown and I’d have to stay until it was over.  I don’t mind – the food’s good, the company’s good and the countryside is beautiful.  Not a bad place to be in lockdown – wouldn’t you agree?

Entry 40

A Touch of Magic

After the relaxing of lockdown Meg, Mog and Owl decide to visit a friend. Meg wants to take some flowers and decides to make her own with a magic spell. As usual the spell doesn’t quite work – the flowers are fine, but some interesting bugs come with them!

Entry 41

After the Lockdown eased A Tiger Came for Tea!

It’s a secret.

Entry 42

Planet Pantaloons

The aliens have landed, but they’re not here for you. They have taken over Poplar Grove and renamed it Planet Pantaloon. They’ve stolen all our undies so watch out! They could be after yours next…

Entry 43

“The Twits”

The Twits are a dysfunctional couple with a grudge against everyone, but finally get their comeuppance when the animals unite to defeat them.

Entry 44

Look out – there’s a tickle about!

Mr Tickle lives in a small house at the other side of the wood.  This morning, after Mr Tickle had made his bed and cooked his breakfast, he set off through the wood. As he walked along, he kept his eyes very wide open, looking for somebody to tickle! Mr Tickle likes to hide behind the hedges on Smithy Lane, so if you are in any way ticklish, beware! Make sure you look closely as Mr Tickle’s diminutive friend has joined him for his walk today.

Entry 45

The Cat in the Wetsuit and Hat  

The sun did not shine – It was too wet to play – So we put on our wetsuits and – Went to Manley Mere for the day – The fish in the lake said, No, No – Make the cat go away – Tell that Cat in the Hat – That you can’t swim here today – Now! Now! Have no fear – Have no fear said the cat – My swimming is bad – Said the Cat in the Hat – But I do like to sit here at Roodacre – Oh, I like it a lot! – Said the Cat in the Hat – To the fish in the pot.

Entry 46

Mr Stink of Mouldsworth – a celebration of friendship

Lockdown is a lonely time – while people have been missing their friends, the lucky residents of Station Road have gained a friend. Mr Stink got off the train in Mouldsworth looking forward to a drink at the Goshawk. Alas it was closed (hopefully not for much longer!) so he has been sheltering in our garden shed and we have all become great friends. Every homeless person has a story. If you would like to leave a donation, we will be gifting to Chester Aid for the Homeless.

Entry 47

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppin’s has just left a family she has been helping in Helsby and has heard about all the lovely family’s in Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth and Manley. She is flying over to find some new children to look after and take on magical adventures, if you are lucky she might even help with home schooling. As she was flying over Timadon Farm she spotted the Pygmy goats in the field and couldn’t resist stopping to give them a cuddle.

Entry 48

The Bear Hunt

Enjoy going on your own bear hunt on ‘the green’ in Moss Drive, Manley. Find the start before travelling to 5 bases before you reach the cave and our scarecrow Bear 🙂 Do not forget to travel back through the snow, forest, mud, river and long grass on your return journey.       Why not treat your self to a hand knitted Bear donations to Chester Zoo. Thank you.

Entry 49

The Tiger that came to Tea

Hey there, Tiger, glad you called, come on in
There’s lots of biscuits in the biscuit tin
Put on your smile and let the fun begin
Today won’t come around again

Entry 50

Run, Run As Fast As You Can…

The Gingerbread Man – One day a little old lady decides to bake a gingerbread man. As soon as he is done baking, the gingerbread man jumps from the oven and runs away. He comes across many different obstacles, animals and humans that want to eat him, and continues to run away. Will any of them finally be able to catch the gingerbread man?

Entry 51

The Scarecrows Wedding

The Story of “The Scarecrows Wedding” is a Young Family bedtime favourite and on the 5th July 2013  Claire & Bobby Young Senior, Bobby Jnr & Ollie Young’s parents had the best wedding ever, the best wedding yet, the wedding that no one will ever forget”. And on the 6th July 2017 Bobby Jnr & Ollie Young’s great grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and even received a message from the queen!. Bobby Jnr and Ollie’s great great grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by receiving a message from the queen too! So early July is a time of celebration for all our family!

Entry 52

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

It’s a secret.

Entry 53

Lets Keep Things Cool

The Snowman has popped by to remind us about climate change, including keeping it cool in the North Pole, by using less plastic, wasting less and being kind to our world. He wants us all to plant some wild flower seed to help the bees. If you would like to help him and our World please pop £1 in the box and take some seeds to plant at home, donations to Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

Entry 54

Mary Poppins

I’ve dropped by to see if any parents need help with their children in these strange times.  It appears that all the children in Ashton, Manley and Mouldsworth have been practically perfect in every way.  I hope that with some of the spare time you have during lockdown you will learn to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards, which is docious-ali-expi-listic-fragi-cali-rupus, but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?

Entry 55

Wizard chess champ

Harry Potter is staying with his friend Ron Weasly at The Burrow for lockdown. They have created a potion that will eradicate Coronavirus. It is called Suriv Anoroc. The ingredients are toenails of toads, gillyweed, a large winged rusty key, four white roses, half a bottle of elderflower cordial (not a drop more), and a deflated football. While they are waiting for the anti-Coronavirus potion to brew, they are playing wizards chess. Ron is smashing it. In wizards chess that means literally.

Entry 56

Is there Room on the Broom?

Broom hurtled quickly through the moon lit sky, Carrying witch and cauldron way up high, ‘To the party, the party and make it quick!‘, Faster. Faster. …’hold tight’ cried the broom stick. They viewed down below in the dark eerie night, Dark dark ark lane as it loomed into sight. ‘Stop!’  shrieked the witch ‘I can see it right there’, Dark, dark ark lane as they fell through the air. Broom at the ready, the witch declared in the gloom, ‘The Party…. hurry everybody, there’s Room on the Broom!’

Entry 57

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar is a classic children’s story. The caterpillar eats increasing amounts and types of food (have a look in its basket for what you can find). This is one of the 10 top children’s books of all time.