1950s Memorabilia Exhibition

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The Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth Village Hall was transformed to host a display of 1950s and coronation related items loaned by our community in ‘The Mirror Room’. It was open throughout the weekend, with a tea, coffee, cake and company session on the opening afternoon. The exhibition proved to be a hit with old and young alike.

A specially commissioned intergenerational audio-visual display featuring residents and children from the school was shown throughout the weekend and there was a fun ‘Now and Then’ competition – match up photos of residents taken in the 1950s with those taken around 70 years later.

Ashton Hayes Primary School children produced the central artwork made up of 24 separate pieces:

The mystery object which nobody guessed (seen below on the left) was a device to carry game birds, once shot, by the neck ….a fairly gruesome reminder of days gone by really !