Ashton Hayes Womens’ Institute

Ashton Hayes W.I. will be celebrating its 100th Birthday in 2023.  Times and fashions have changed a great deal over the years, but the principles and aims of the WI haven’t.

We try to provide our members with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

We also enjoy ourselves, not only at our monthly Meetings, which are held at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month, in the Parish Rooms in West End (unless otherwise advertised in our notice board, which is situated outside the Community Shop).

We have welcomed a variety of speakers over the years, covering every subject under the sun!  We also enjoy outings and meals out, along with attending courses, both locally and at the WI’s very own Denman College, in Oxfordshire.

We have a trophy winning Darts Team and enter the Cheshire Show every year, both as a group and as individuals.  The W.I. is a wonderful organisation to belong to and we always make prospective new members and guests very welcome – there is a small charge for guests.

If you would like to come along to one of our Meetings, please give our President, Barbara Green a call on 01829 751498 for more details.  We’d be delighted to see you.