OPAL Rural Community Services

RCS, Rural Community Services, provides a range of services to older people and their carers in rural areas of West Cheshire.

These services are called OPAL Services and they include day clubs and carer support services. There is also a service to enable older people to access communication technology to help them keep in touch with family and friends and keep up with the changes in daily life.

The charity is run by volunteers with the support of a very small staff team and it operates in this area. There is an OPAL club in Kelsall that is open every Monday, there are Go On Line sessions available in the Parish Rooms, Ashton Hayes, the Farmers Arms in Kelsall and the Lounge in Hatchmere. Our Breaktime carer support service has also offered quite a number of local people a service over the last few years.

OPAL is wholly reliant on our wonderful group of volunteers and we are always looking for new recruits. We have a wide range of roles available so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer and doing some good for our older residents and their carers please make contact.

Similarly if you or someone you know would benefit from the services we provide please approach us.

Contact or enquiries can be made via email to info@opalservices.org.uk

Further details on the services available and contact details.can be found at our website www.opalservices.org.uk.