Wildflowers – September




A familiar evergreen rampant woody climber carpeting the ground or climbing up trees and walls to 30m. The flowers are green with yellow anthers.

In ancient times ivy was considered to be the enemy of the vine and thus able to prevent intoxication, which is why Bacchus, god of the vine, is always depicted wearing an ivy wreath. Ivy was also considered to be a symbol of fidelity and Greek priests presented a wreath of it to newly-weds. It has been prescribed for numerous ailments. E.g. the berries steeped in wine for treatment of the plague, poultices for treating wounds, sores and corns. It has also been used as a hair dye and as a colour restorer to faded black fabric. Strong doses taken internally are poisonous

Flowers September to November. This specimen was seen in the hedgerows down Church Road.