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The bar was a good gathering place
Stop 1 of the mini lights trail
Santa meeting his fans
Cafe open for the tree lighting event 2023
‘Shorty the Brazier’ in action
New Flag
Autumn Flowers
‘Shorty the Brazier’ upcycled from the Jubilee beacon
Toadstool under the hedge
Rainbow after the rain
Autumn is coming
Summer morning shadows
Summer morning
Blue skies over the welsh hills
Summer Hedgerow
Rosettes for The Coronation Big Lunch event in 2023
Medallions for The Coronation Big Lunch decorated wheelbarrow races 2023
Table Topper
Setting up tables early for a good spot
Picnics in the sunshine
Lining up for the wheelbarrow racing
Preparing for the wheelbarrow racing
Decorated Wheelbarrows
Sunny day for the Coronation Big Lunch
Coconut Shy
Signage for events
Union Flag flying for the Coronation May 2023
Fruit Trees in the Snow
A day in Winter
Spring flowers under the trees
Fallen from the fruit trees
Cold bright day in Winter
Fungi on a tree stump
Autumn in the trees
Snowy day
Trees in Autumn
Bench by the trees
Along the hedgerow
Winter sky
Autumn berries
Wildflowers in the grass
Hedgerow flowers
Afternoon in Winter
Spring flowers
Fir Tree in Autumn
Long Shadows in Winter
Primroses under the trees
Spring is arriving
Autumn footpath
Autumn balance beams
Footpath in the snow
Fir tree in the snow
Adult outdoor gym in Autumn
Kite Flying
Spring Flower
Pavilion in the Winter
Benches in Autumn sunshine
Coronation Beacon
Judging of decorated wheelbarrows
Bunting on the Pavilion
Cherry Blossom
Hedge Blossom
Tree Blossom
Fir cones in May
The Pavilion
Monkeying Around ?
Splat the Rat