New Wildflower Interpretation Board

Photo of the wildflower interpretation board
Photo of Wildflower Interpretation Board with school pupils and others involved

If you have travelled along Church Road recently you will have noticed a new addition to the landscape opposite the school.  The parish council have been working with a number of local groups to design, build and install a new wildflower interpretation board.

The board has been built by Richard Stradling in collaboration with the scouts. The photographs and text have been provided by the Ashton Wildflower Group and the content design and layout has been completed by the school.

Finally, the two new wildflower patches planted last spring at the bottom of Shay Lane and Grange Road have grown albeit not helped by the weather. Also, the Parish Council has agreed with CWaC that we establish a further wildflower patch along The Meadows. The parish council would like to thank everyone involved in the project.