The War in Ukraine and its impact on the people living there

The Parish Council are acutely aware of the desperate plight of those residents of Ukraine who are caught up in this atrocious war and would want to be able to support those people in a meaningful way. The UK Government has set up a website where people can get further information, which is developing on a daily basis, and people and organisations can register their interest in offering housing support to refugee families.

We are also aware that the Council [CWAC] have already offered their support to refugees arriving in this country and we in turn would want to look out for opportunities which will allow our community to contribute to this effort as it becomes clearer how this might best happen.

 There is information available on the CWAC website at and this is an excellent place to start.

If individuals in the parish need any additional assistance in finding out how they can help, please contact a member of the Parish Council and we will do all we can do to help.