Tarvin Sands Bird Scarer Noise Complaints

Following numerous complaints regarding the loud noises emanating from the bird scarer at Tarvin Sands, CWaC Environmental Health have asked for our support in investigating the issue further.

The message below is from CWaC and we would ask for your help and support if you are concerned about the noise:

Environmental Health can investigate this matter under statutory noise nuisance, whilst I note some diary records may have been provided in support of these we would request the use of the Council’s noise app which will demonstrate the level of noise disturbance.

The Council’s ‘noise app’ can be downloaded by visiting the website below: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/pests-pollution-food-safety/issues-with-noise/the-noise-app.aspx

To progress this matter we would require a complainants address, as statutory noise nuisance is property specific with a person’s use of their home being impacted by another’s action.

Thank you

CWaC Environmental Health