Harassment and Bullying

It is with sadness that the Parish Council has become aware of a case of mindless bullying and harassment in the village, which has been happening over a period of several months. A female resident who lives alone has been the subject of repeated behaviour on the part of an unknown person, who is believed to be male judging by the voice. He visits her house and bangs on her doors late at night or in the early hours of the morning, waking her and of course causing her to be very anxious and worried. It happens often and has now been reported to the police who are monitoring the situation.

A record of these incidents is being kept and CCTV is being installed, which would seem necessary but is an unwanted item of expenditure for her. The area she lives in is quite central, close to the nursery and in a residential area.

If anyone sees someone behaving suspiciously late at night or early morning, during the dark and around Church Road, Pentre Lane or Gongar Lane can you take the following action please ….

take a photo and/or description of the person and alert the police and/or one of your parish councillors to this sighting. With your help, it is hoped we can put a stop to this appalling behaviour.